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Aeroplane Kite

Aeroplane Kite
Aeroplane Kite Aeroplane Kite Aeroplane Kite Aeroplane Kite

Aeroplane Kite

Product Code: 21060
Aeroplane Kite that is shaped like a fixed-wing aircraft
Pack Size: 24

Product Details

Kite shaped like an aeroplane. Slide the rods into the designated areas on the kite's body to create the aeroplane shape, providing the wings and plane body with the support necessary to maintain its shape. Once in the sky, air fills up the plane's fuselage and flows underneath its wings, keeping it aloft in a breeze. The kite is guided by a single line on a spindle, allowing the flyer to control the altitude and distance the kite travels by adding or removing slack from the line.
  • Plane shaped kite
  • Two wings with internal support structure
  • Fuselage fills with air
  • Supports help maintain plane shape
  • Single line control
  • Wingspan 117cm
Pack of 24



Age Recommendation 9+
Volume Per Carton 24
Delivery Restriction No
Display Size W23 x H x D33cm


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Aeroplane KiteAeroplane Kite
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