Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

TOBAR is proud to be an accredited Authorised Economic Operator (Full).

This is a certified standard authorisation that has been issued to us by customs administrations in the European Union. In short, being an AEO means that we are a trusted trader in the eyes of HMRC and it shows that as a business, we have met high standards in:

  • Safety and security
  • Systems to manage commercial records
  • Compliance with customs rules
  • Financial solvency
  • Practical standards of competence or professional qualifications

As an AEO, we have access to lots of benefits that allow us to offer you the best service possible. For example, it allows us to fast track goods through port inspections, streamline administrative procedures and gain recognition worldwide as a safe, secure and compliant business partner in international trade. It is also means we have mutual recognition with USA, Norway and Japan, which is great for our export relations.

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