Make Your Own Dinosaur Display!

We've become a little obsessed by dinosaurs lately (have you seen the film yet?). So much so, that we decided to embark upon a “Dino Display Challenge”. Some empty shelving, a pitiful budget and limited creative skills... what could go wrong!?

The basic kit for our display was coloured paper, a packet of green balloons, shrubbery that is usually used by railway modellers and some dino teeth that we designed in-house. We managed to spend less than £20 in a local craft store.

If you’d like to use our dinosaur teeth in your own display, please click here to download a copy to print and cut out.


With two shelves at our disposal, we decided on red paper on one shelf and a combination of green and blue on the other. As you'd expect, the green represents an open space in which the dinosaurs roam free and we used blue paper for the sky.


Next to be added were the dinosaur teeth. Used in conjunction with the red paper, the teeth were used on the edging of the shelves. You guessed it... we’re going for a "mouth of the dinosaur" effect!


The gaping mouth of the dinosaur takes shape.


The shrubbery was placed randomly on the green paper and soon our shelf is fit for dinosaur inhabitation.


Image 6

The addition of some our larger dinosaur items gave some substance to the red shelf. We took the opportunity to get as many products out of their packaging as possible.


Image 7

We used smaller products amongst the shrubbery on the green shelf and the green balloons enabled us to feature one of our Dinosaur Masks in an unusual way.


Close up 1 Close up 2 Close up 3 Close up 4

Products used in the making of the display included: Dino Biter, Snuggleasaurs,Dinosaur Fossil Set Tyrannosaurus Rex, Twist and Lock Dino Blocks, Dinosaur Playset


Shelf Layout Suggestion - Pterodactyl's Eye View

Shelf Suggestion






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